leather surface

All Roodle bags are made from 100% European Dollaro leather and made by craftsmen in Italy.

Dollaro leather retains the natural texture and grain of the leather, resulting in a soft and supple leather with the classic pebble texture that is beloved by fashionistas the world over.


Roodle bags

The leather used to make our bags is pre-treated so it’s not necessary to add any additional protection or treatment. However if you’d like to prolong the life of the leather you can of course use an additional leather treatment from a reputable store.

If you can avoid it, we’d suggest refraining from cleaning your Roodle bag to ensure the material isn’t damaged. Life, however, gets messy sometimes and if you’ve got a conspicuous bit of dirt on it you just need to get rid of, then try a leather wipe. Gently wipe the area and allow to dry (out of direct sunlight). If you need further help we suggest taking the bag to a leather specialist.

Once you receive your Roodle bag, try not to overstuff it – it can stretch and put undue pressure on stitching and other materials. While our bags are made to last, treating them with a little TLC will help prolong their life even further.

Roodle straps

For the thin leather strap that comes with the bag, please follow the advice above regarding cleaning your leather bag.

The patterned straps are predominantly either nylon or canvas. We suggest using warm soapy water (using a mild detergent) on a damp cloth and give the dirty area a good wipe.


All our products are made to last, which is why in the unlikely event you have an issue with a defect in material or workmanship within 3 months from the date of purchase, we’ll happily exchange the item for a new one.

Naturally this only applies to products that have been used for the intended use of the product, in normal conditions, and does not cover general wear and tear.

For full details and how to claim please visit our returns page.