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Helping women everywhere to elevate their everyday style in an affordable way

Born from a passion for colour psychology and the desire to make our wardrobe work harder, two sisters got together to find a way to inject colour into our day without breaking the bank.

A lightbulb moment later, Roodle was born - a range of high-quality, leather crossbody bags with interchangeable straps. They come in oodles of colours so you can affordably curate different looks simply by changing the strap, instead of buying a whole new bag: and voila - mix-and-match gives you ultimate versatility.

Using colour to influence your mood

Colours aren't just a pretty face. They can excite us, calm us, strengthen us. Harnessing this crafty power of influence can help you be your best, regardless of what the day has instore. Got Monday blues? Wear energizing tangerine to put a spring in your step. Big presentation in the office? Faded denim will calm you.

Each colour we select to join the Roodle family is carefully selected for their timeless and versatile tones – they play well with most other colours, and are all seasonal classics infused with personality.

Spiked your interest? Wondering which colour does what? Allow us to assist. Make a beeline for our colour psychology page and let your colour journey begin.

You can also click on each bag to find out more about her superpower. Shop bags.

Fun yes, but cunningly practical as well

Underneath their charming veneer, all Roodle handbags are also practical. While being oh-so-trendy, our crossbody (aka camera, aka shoulder) bags are comfortable to carry, and when worn across the body they distribute the weight on both sides of you - goodbye aching shoulders!

They also allow you to keep your hands free to browse the shopping rails, carry other bags, push a trolley or a stroller, or dance the night away.

And it’s not just the bags - we've made sure our interchangeable straps are a decent width so they’ll stay nice and comfy, and not dig into your shoulders, regardless how long you’re wearing your bag for.


Join us on a colour journey

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