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Ever noticed the sexy strut you adopt when wearing those red heels? Or the happy energy you have with that orange jumper on? Colour is a large part in how we experience the world and psychologists have long believed it has the power to influence the mood of ourselves and those around us, even influencing the decisions people make, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Harnessing the power of colour

Would you like more energy for a long day ahead?
Are you anxious and need to calm those nerves?
Would you like to exude professionalism at work?

    Colour can help with that - brighter and lighter colours are uplifting and energizing, blues and neutrals can be calming, while darker colours are subduing and more controlling.

    Accessories, such as handbags, are the perfect way to add colour to your outfit - they provide a pop of colour rather than resulting in a head-to-toe colour beacon which can quickly become over-kill.

    First - know your colours

    You can pick a colour based on the mood you're already in, based on the mood you want to be in, or based on what mood you'd like to elicit in others. But first, you must know your colours. We've delved through piles of research on colour psychology - check out our starting guide below.

    Advice from the experts - always listen to your gut instinct when deciding on a colour: we all interpret colours slightly differently, and how they may affect our mood is subjective and can be influenced by things such as a past memory or cultural beliefs.


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